Don’t worry if someone is launching a business with the same idea as you

I was browsing through a few of the old post on one of my favorite entrepreneurship blogs written by David Cummings.   I came across a post he wrote titled Look for Startup Ideas that Aren’t Unique.  Most of his blog post are short and to the point, and this one is no different.  His main suggestion is:

Ideas are important, but they shouldn’t be unique. Find an idea that has great founder fit and out execute the competitors.

Following this recommendation will save you a whole lot of sleepless nights worrying about either coming up with a unique idea or someone stealing your idea.

Read the full article here.


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  1. […] fears all entrepreneurs have is that someone will copy their idea.   I talk about that here and here, so we have a good framework for how to view “idea stealing.”  However, there is still […]

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