Don’t market your products and services, market your opinion

Another one of the most insightful bloggers out there in the entrepreneurship space is Mark Suster.  On his blog, Both Sides of the Table he has a massive amount of content on launching and running a startup.  About a month ago he wrote a post titled Why your marketing campaign sucks.   He talks about a concept he calls Point of View Marketing, or POV for short.  The premise is that people (journalist especially) care about your point of view more than they care about your product.  He says specifically:

So next time you’re thinking about how to get coverage for your new downloadable widget that third-party vendors can install and instantly get optimized gobblygook for some feature they didn’t know they needed and want a journalist who doesn’t give a fork about optimized gobblygooks and frankly doesn’t even understand what that is … think about leading with POV marketing instead.

Read the full article here.


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