Focus on the highest-value things you can do for your business

Another awesome blog I read every week is OnStartups.  This morning as I was browsing through a few of the older post on the site, I came across an article written by Noah Kagan titled Founder Focus: Don’t Kill Your Startup With 1,000 Trivial Tasks.  The secret sauce he shares is all about time management.  As an entrepreneur, it is critical that you make smart decisions on what you work on each hour of your day.   He states:

What do you think is a better use of my hour?

1. Writing this article that hopefully gets 500+ people to discover and check out, or
2. Doing data entry to put a new deal in our system.

Take a guess.  Writing this article, of course! It generates way more value which is a way more ROI / value / monetizable use of my time.

Read the full article here.


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