Don’t lose focus on the ‘why’

I really came across a gem of knowledge last night before bed.  I was checking out David Cancel’s blog and lucky for me he hasn’t updated it since last December, and his last post was probably his best advice (maybe he is waiting to top it before he adds another post).

The title of Cancel’s post is Customer (not Competitor) Focused.  His basic premise is summed up in this quote:

My advice to this entrepreneur was the same advice I gave my team every day at Performable: “Focus on customers, not competitors. If we do that, we’ll win.” Writing software is the how, not the why.

The mantra that you should focus on customer’s instead of competition is not unique.  What did jump out at me as a gem, however, was the last statement that software is the how, not the why.  Being a software engineer, thinking about this quote kept me up all night trying to put it into perspective.  Reorienting your thinking to focus on the why rather than your product I think is game changing.

Read Cancel’s full article here.


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