Know the triggers for the pain points you solve

Today’s secret sauce may be one of the most important ingredients for startup success.  This advice comes from startup evangelist and developer advocate Don Dodge.  I went really digging in the crates to find this on his blog as it is from March 2006.  The post is titled Is your product a vitamin or painkiller?  Don’s advice is that all entrepreneurs should know if their product is a nice to have or a got to have.  If you have a nice to have product, then you must find out what, if any, triggers can convert it to a gotta have.  His key recommendation is the following:

Make a list of the pain points your product solves. Make a list of trigger events that cause the pain to happen. Now think about how to identify these “trigger events” as they happen among the hundreds or thousands of potential customers.

Read the full article here.


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