Know the one big thing at your core

Yesterday, the founders of made an announcement about a pivot the company was embarking on. The funny thing is, when you go look at their website it doesn’t look much different than what it looked like before.

From my perspective the main reason for this is because no matter what Fab does or becomes, the founders have one big thing at their core: Design.  As the founder Jason Goldberg states:

My passion is user experience design.

Bradford’s passion is to design the stuff people live with.

Nishith, Deepa, and Sunil — our co-founders in India whom I’ve now had the pleasure of working with and starting companies with for nearly 7 years — are passionate about designing scalable technology.

Collectively, our one thing is Design.

The secret sauce here is that you can change the direction of your entrepreneurial dreams quite often and still be successful if you keep the one big thing at your core the same.  People may not even notice you are changing direction if your core remains consistent.

Read more about Fab’s pivot and how they keep Design at the core of all of their changes here.


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