Don’t believe the hype: co-founders are optional

There is an ongoing debate among those who invest in early-stage startups on whether or not a co-founder is a requirement. Guys like Paul Graham (who runs the famous Y Combinator startup program) says that it’s a must. On the other hand, there are high-profile single-founder companies that are living proof that co-founders are optional.

One of these high-profile individuals is Ryan Carson, the founder and CEO of Treehouse.  Carson wrote a pretty good post a few months ago offering up his side of this debate.  Carson states:

I’m a big believer in CEO Founders who maintain control over their companies. Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg are great examples.

As long as the CEO Founder can adapt to the changing needs of his team as the company grows, they are definitely the best to steer the ship towards their goal. Once they lose control of the Board, I believe the ship can veer off course.

To get more of the reasons Ryan Carson believes in single founder companies, you can read his full post titled You can do it alone on his blog.


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