Great products are created by many incremental improvements

One of the biggest fears all entrepreneurs have is that someone will copy their idea.   I talk about that here and here, so we have a good framework for how to view “idea stealing.”  However, there is still this burning desire in all of us to spend a lot of money on a huge launch so you can take as much market share as possible before competitors know what hit them.

This is a good idea in theory, but the founder of and Execu Justin Kan councels otheriwise.  He States:

Remember, everything you are building today will be killed or iterated. The former is more likely than the latter. Great products are created by many incremental improvements.

In other words, what you’re about to spend tons of money launching will probably not be a full solution to your customer’s problems.  Therefore, it’s better to spend time with a small cohort of early adopters iterating on your solution instead of wasting time on a huge launch that has a good chance of being a disappointment.

Read Justin’s full post titled Divine Inspiration Fallacy on his blog to get the full understanding of his advice.


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