The person you’re about to fire is going to quit anyway

There is an awful lot to be said about firing people.  As an entrepreneur the #1 advice you will get from experienced mentors on this topic is hire slow, fire fast. This advice is clear, concise, and spot on.  However, as Chris Dixon states in his blog post: Firing is Awful.

Dixon, one of the most insightful entrepreneurs of our time, states the following:

It would be great if startups were all about growth, hiring, and success. But the reality is that founding a company is a brutal job and lots of the pain gets passed down to employees. Creative destruction sounds nice in textbooks, but in the real world it means telling friends to go home, stop getting paid, and find new jobs.

Firing is not easy, but as Dixon points out, it is more than likely the case that the person you’re about to fire is about to quit anyway (click here to tweet this). So don’t let feeling bad, stop you from making you both feel better.

Dixon has 4 other smart insights on the subject of firing on his blog.  Please read his full post here to get them all.


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