Finding the right people for the right stage of your business

One of the hardest things you must do as an entrepreneur is recruiting people onto your team.  Not only is this process time consuming, but most new entrepreneurs are not that experienced with identifying the Lakers from the Fakers.

What’s more, you may identify a super smart individual with ton’s of talent, but they might still be the wrong fit for your venture based on your current stage.  By stage, I am referring to the three stages of a business identified in a Forbes article I was reading this morning:  starting, transforming, and sustaining.

This Forbes article is titled The Key to Turning an Entrepreneurial Venture into a Real Business.  The key takeaway from the article is that there is a

need to have different people at different stages: starters to prove the technology, transformers to take the technology to market, and sustainers to manage the business on an ongoing basis.

So the secret sauce for you is that you must be able to recruit the right people to help you with the business during each stage of your business.  The right people for the starting stage are likely not the right people for the transforming stage.

To get more details and real world case study that brings to life this principle check out the Forbes article here.


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