Pick up the phone and start calling people

In today’s marketing automation world, new entrepreneurs tend to forget about the tried and true methods of old.  Cold calling sales prospects is one of those methods.

Every entrepreneurs loves to hate cold calling.  It’s a painful process.  But as James Kennedy of Piehole.tv shares on the Mixergy blog:

“You can code the product all you want, but I wasn’t getting people to buy it,” he says.

It wasn’t until he hit rock bottom that he discovered how to get people to buy.

He was working at his brother’s burrito bar and would make sales calls for two hours every day. “I would sit in a 6’x6’ storeroom,” says James. “[I’d] pick up the phone and I would start calling, and eventually…I started getting a repeatable sale cycle.”

It may be the case that your business will never get sales through self-service transactions or passive marketing.

If you are having trouble getting new customers, then use these 3 techniques shared by Kennedy on the Mixergy blog post.


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