Know how to get the most from mentors

Mentors, mentors, mentors.  Everyone is telling you that you must have a mentor if you want to be successful.


Now you have one and, Nothing. Has. Changed.

He or she is not helping you fast track anything…

As a matter of fact, your mentor has more questions than answers. WTF!

Last night I came across a few very good recommendations from the CEO and founder of Cheezburger Inc., Ben Huh.  He did a post on the Wall Street Journal’s Accelerators blog on the topic.

Huh States the following:

There are three things to know about having a great mentor relationship:

1) They won’t give you the answers.
2) They’re just another data point.
3) Ask deeper questions.

Huh then goes on a little deeper into each of his three points above.  If you need to get more from your mentors, then you should go read this post on the WSJ blog right now.


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