Beware of ‘launching’ a startup

If I take off my entrepreneur hat for a second and think about the term ‘launch’ the first thing that comes to mind is a rocket.

Now, when I put my entrepreneur hat back on I start thinking uh oh…Will my launch propel my new startup in the air like a rocket?

If you are a startup in the truest meaning of the word, your product is not ready for the velocity of a rocket.

That type of velocity may actually cause a startup to fall apart. Especially if you haven’t done any type of stress test.

This is why Eric Ries, author of the Lean Startup, recommends that you Don’t Launch your startup at all….in the traditional sense of the word at least. Ries warns:

You never get a second chance to launch. Unlike a lot of other startup activities, PR is not one where you can try it, iterate, learn, and try again. It’s a one-way event, so you’d better get it right.

Ries provides so many insightful thoughts in this article.  If you are thinking about a startup or already in the process, read this Eric Ries post before you do anything else.


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