Ideas aren’t found by thinking, they’re found by doing

I talk to people all the time who want to be entrepreneurs, but can’t find a good idea to work on.

If this is you, stop.  Stop thinking about ideas, and start doing shit!

This is the premise of New York Times bestselling author and co-founder of PBwiki Ramit Sethi.  Sethi wrote about this in a blog post from 2005 (I know I have been digging back in the web archive) titled The Myth of the Great Idea. 

Ramit says:

Success almost never comes from a mind-blowing idea, so sitting around trying to find one is a waste of time. Success comes from a basic idea executed amazingly well. Ideas are rarely found by thinking. They’re found by doing.

Ramit goes on to breaks down a framework to start doing in this blog post.  Please go read, and reread it if you are still stuck in the idea phase of your entrepreneurial journey.


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