How to turn a bad idea into a good idea

Any entrepreneur worth their salt wakes up with a EUREKA moment at least once a month. However, when the dust settles and you do a few google searches, you realize that that eureka moment was a false positive.

Your idea sucks.

Hold your horses my friend.  The fact that your eureka idea sucks doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start working on it.  Many of the most valuable startups every created started with a sucky idea.

Jason Cohen, founder of WP Engine & Smart Bear Software, has a fantastic post on his blog from 2008 that explains this.  He states:

it doesn’t matter what your first idea is. First, it’s probably wrong. Second, the only way to find the right one is to try the wrong one and see what happens. You won’t find it by fiddling around with PowerPoint slides and Photoshop mock-ups.

So get out there and make some mistakes!

Jason shares some awesome stories about how PayPal and Flickr got started with crappy ideas.  Go read his entire blog post here.


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