Why you must nail empathy and stickiness

One of the quotes I have posted on my wall next to my desk is “Smart growth beats fast growth.”

Not sure where I first heard that, but today I read a blog post from Ben Yoskovitz on his Instigator Blog that reminded me why this mantra is so important.

Yoskovitz’s post is titled Are You Really As Far Along As You Think? 

In it, he makes the case for taking one or two steps back until you as an entrepreneur nail the empathy and stickiness phases of launching your venture.

Regarding stickiness he states:

A founder that’s focused on user acquisition through virality, but can’t quite get the traction they want, should probably go back to the Stickiness stage and make sure that the core users are actually happy and engaged.

Regarding empathy he states:

Early stage entrepreneurs also jump the gun moving into Stickiness–building an MVP before they’ve really validated that it’s worth building. I always tell these entrepreneurs to go back to the Empathy stage and talk to more customers.

You will gain much insight from the step by step process Yoskovitz is talking about in this post.  You don’t want to skip this one. It’s well worth it to spend some time thinking about these stages with respect to the venture you are launching.

Please go read his full post here.


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