Pivot Abuse: Don’t use the ‘PIVOT’ as an excuse

It has become extremely sexy (and annoying) for entrepreneurs to throw out the buzzwords from the Lean Startup movement when talking to other entrepreneurs and investors about their venture.

For one, 80% of the people who use these words have never read any of the foundation books that cover the topic. For two, 99% of people don’t know what the hell Lean Startup really means.

The most abused term in the Lean Startup buzzword briefcase is Pivot.

I found a great blog post from the Godfather of the Lean Startup movement Steve Blank named Vision versus Hallucination – Founders and Pivots that provides awesome insight into Pivot abuse.

Blank states:

A pivot is a substantive change to one or more of components to your business model. You’re using “Pivot” as an excuse to skip the hard stuff – keeping focused on your initial vision and business model and integrating what you’ve heard if and only if you think it’s a substantive improvement to your current business model. There is no possible way you can garner enough information to pivot based on one customers feedback or even 20. You need to make sure it’s a better direction than the one you are already heading in.

So next time you even think about using the word PIVOT in a conversation about your business. STOP.  Go read then reread this post from my man Steve Blank then reconsider whether or not you are really doing a pivot.


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