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The secret is to find your Niche

I am sure everyone has heard that they have to find their niche before.  It’s no secret why I named my startup Nichevertising.

If you find your niche, then do a great job marketing to your niche, you win.

Super angel investor/micro VC/startup incubator extraordinaire Dave McClure has a great post titled Niche to Win that explains why.

McClure states:

 …you can compete with a much less mature product but much more focused customers, more specific problems, more targeted marketing (that probably costs less to acquire customers ready to purchase), and thus a more differentiated offering.

The above quote is a preamble for him suggesting you must start small if you want to go big.

McClure then states:

You need to narrow your field, find a very targeted customer, and work on a simple, crappy, focused solution for your customer.

So just Niche to Win, baby.

This is a  fantastic reinforcement article from McClure.  Please visit his blog to read his full post.


Fear must be your motivator

One of the things I was told by my father years ago was that if you are not afraid of success, then your goals aren’t big enough (click to tweet this).  I came across a blog post this morning from the wildly outspoken, bad-mouthed super angel investor Dave McClure that articulated perfectly what my dad was telling me .

McClure’s post is titled Fear of Flying, and the one thing he makes clear is that the fear of failure is not what scares most great entrepreneurs, but instead it’s the fear of flying and maintaining the altitude.  He writes:

Of course it’s easy to fly high for a few days or weeks. Everyone gets lucky, hits their stride with gusto now & then, sinks a sweet 3-pointer once every 20 shots, writes some challenging routine that compiles the 1st time and works flawlessly, or closes a big deal they didn’t think was gonna happen. Sure, you can do that every once in awhile – but can you do it for a month? for a quarter? every day for a year? can you beat last month’s number consistently, and can you say with a straight face you’ll be able to beat that high-water mark again next month too?

This is an awesome post by Dave and I suggest you go read it on his blog right now.