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The secret is to find your Niche

I am sure everyone has heard that they have to find their niche before.  It’s no secret why I named my startup Nichevertising.

If you find your niche, then do a great job marketing to your niche, you win.

Super angel investor/micro VC/startup incubator extraordinaire Dave McClure has a great post titled Niche to Win that explains why.

McClure states:

 …you can compete with a much less mature product but much more focused customers, more specific problems, more targeted marketing (that probably costs less to acquire customers ready to purchase), and thus a more differentiated offering.

The above quote is a preamble for him suggesting you must start small if you want to go big.

McClure then states:

You need to narrow your field, find a very targeted customer, and work on a simple, crappy, focused solution for your customer.

So just Niche to Win, baby.

This is a  fantastic reinforcement article from McClure.  Please visit his blog to read his full post.