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Entrepreneurs must learn when/how to transition from Product to Sales

Most entrepreneurs fall on 1 of 2 sides of the fence.

They either fall on the:

1) product/engineering side


2) sales/marketing side

This post is mainly for those that come from the product/engineering side like me…

When you start a new venture based on your experience with product, it’s easy and natural to then become obsessed with product…

However, once you reach a certain threshold of product/market fit then this obsession must be tamed and you must transition to a new obsession: sales/marketing.

One of my favorite entrepreneur bloggers David Cummings shared a great post on this topic yesterday.  He states:

Overall, the biggest takeaway is that there has to be a serious shift on the entrepreneur’s part going from product / market fit focused to customer acquisition focused. Lack of customers, and the resulting revenue, is the number one reason startups fail (no revenue = no business). Assuming there’s a good market out there, building a customer acquisition machine after finding product / market fit is the difference between success and failure.

Please go read David’s full blog post here as he also shares more insights on this process as well as five quick steps to make this transition.


Make your product an extension of you

My man Neval dropped some deep knowledge on me this morning in a post that was probably less than 150 words.

No Really, it would’ve been easy to miss this.

Most people probably did miss it since his post is almost 2 years old and I haven’t heard it repeated at all.

Not only was it the first time I read it, it was the first time I heard any mentor state this so plainly.  So read this carefully:

Often, the best companies are ones where the product is an extension of the founder’s personality, which shouldn’t be a big surprise, since everyone is passionate about themselves.

This might be the key ingredient to the secret sauce we’ve been searching for.  This just might the most important thing about entrepreneurship I’ve ever read.

The name of Neval’s post is Before product-market fit, find passion-market fit and I suggest you spend the next 5 minutes reading it 5 times.

Btw…this is in direct conflict with the advice Mark Cuban gives.  But I think Neval is right.

Or are they saying the same thing in a different way?

What do you think?